About your yoga

Melody began practicing yoga in Santa Cruz California in 2006. She instantly fell in love with yoga because of the peace of mind and clarity she felt after class. She is now a firm believer that Yoga’s benefits can and should be felt off the mat and into daily life. Her energetic Vinyasa flow style will help you get a sweat on and hopefully also help you cultivate a deeper connection with your best self. Melody became a certified yoga instructor in 2021 and received her 200 hour certification at Pure Yoga the Dalles. She hopes to help students incorporate the benefits of yoga into their bodies and everyday life.

Melody is seen here at a flea market in Turkey collecting treasures for you to enjoy. What started as a jewelry buying addiction in every county she would visit, gave birth to the New Moon Jewelry collection. Melody now hunts for the unique jewelry in every country she goes too. Come by her booth at an upcoming to show to see the latest treasures she has found.